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Acme Expands Catering Business!

Due to the overwhelming success of our catering service, Acme Hotdogs will be offering catering and event planning services ONLY. We will no longer be open to the public on a retail basis. We look forward to working with you in the future on any private parties at our location or any public catering needs that you have. Many thanks to all our loyal customers. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Acme Saturday's and Sunday's at Iron Pony!

Acme Hotdogs at Iron Pony Motorsports!Acme Hotdogs will be on site at Iron Pony Motorsports , Saturdays and Sundays from 12am to 6pm Saturdays and 12am to 5pm on Sundays throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. We're serving jumbo 1/4 pound all beef dogs and other seasonal sausages as available. Stop by and see us!                               

Acme Wild Game Sausage Review
Our Tradition and Roots

The Acme Hotdog & Sausage Company began in Columbus, Ohio in 2007. Unlike most ordinary outlets for hot dogs and sausage sandwiches, Mark Weilbacher the founder of Acme had a different vision for his restaurant.

Based on a Public Broadcasting show that aired in 2000, he watched a show that talked about all the great hotdog restaurants, history of the hotdog and all the different variations and ethnic recipes throughout the country.

This spurred excitement around the idea of not only offering different styles and types of hotdogs, but to educate others on this rich heritage and history.

Acme strives to provide a casual family and sport enthusiast dining experience. A facility that has open seating (even picnic benches!) as well as sports on the TV’s for those who like to stop by after the big game!

At Acme, we select the best people that we can hire. We work hard to create a warm, friendly and cooperative work place. Since opening Acme has broadened its food offerings as show on our menu. We have been copied by others that have tried to duplicate some of our specialty sandwiches. "Acme may be imitated but never duplicated!"


Core Values

Great Food and Beverage - We provide and serve delicious foods and beverages that complement each other for a wholesome and nutritional dining experience.

Genuine Hospitality - We are real people who genuinely care about our customers, employees and business partners that we work with. We have an interest in our community and environment and will help to serve both. We treat our guests as friends! Children who bring in a report card with an 'A' get a free ice cream for their hard work.

Welcoming Atmosphere - Offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests and employees to enjoy. If our guests are pleased with how comfortable we make them feel ……..they will tell others.

Teaching and Learning - Education is key to individual growth. We encourage this for both our guests that may not be aware of choices to our employees who may be cross trained and trained on improving their craft, safety and hygiene.

Acme Nominated for ColumbusParent.com Best of Columbus in Hot Dog Category!

The Acme Hotdog & Sausage Company was nominated in this year’s Columbus Parent - Best of Columbus contest in the Hot Dog category!

Acme Nominated for ColumbusParent.com Best of Columbus in Hot Dog Category

Acme Hotdog - Wild Game Sausages!

Exotic Wild Animals Found at Local Restaurant!

The Acme Hotdog & Sausage Company Announces New Product Line

Columbus, Ohio---January 30, 2013 Starting on February 5th, The Acme Hotdog & Sausage Company will offer a new line of wild game sausages and hot dogs.

“We are excited about the new product line. We spent a lot of time researching and testing with our partners to develop these offerings. We work with both local and national Grinders (Butchers who make sausage and hot dogs),” said Mark Weilbacher, Owner/Proprietor of Acme.

“Many of our loyal customers have encouraged us to add to an already great menu with some exotic options and have already expressed excitement and interest in the new line,” said Weilbacher.

Sausage offerings will include: Duck with Foie Gras & Sauterne Wine, Smoked Duck with Apple Brandy, Lamb Oregano Roasted Garlic and White Wine, Smoked Rabbit with White Wine & Herbs, Buffalo with Chipotle Chiles, Smoked Lamb Merguez, Elk with Bacon and Cheddar , Smoked Buffalo with Burgundy Wine.

“We will start by offering several items every few months and rotate as needed based on availability and season,” said Weilbacher. The first offering will include Wild Boar with Roasted Garlic Marsala Wine & Provolone Cheese, Smoked Pheasant with Cognac, Smoked Venison with Merlot Wine and blueberries and Wagyu Beef hot dogs.

“I can’t wait to try these new items,” said Bill Golden, Westerville resident and loyal customer. “I have been coming to Acme since they opened and always recommend it when we have out of town guests. It’s a fun destination eatery. I am looking forward to trying some new tasty treats to go with their Belgian fries,” said Golden.

Established in 2007, The Acme Hotdog & Sausage Company has developed a loyal following of customers throughout the Midwest. By combining a family friendly restaurant and unique catering service they have become a perennial gem in the community.

For more information contact Acme at 614-891-ACME or visit them at WWW.ACMEHDSC.COM

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